Pyzique Column with Architectural Estrada

 Many people ask how this detail is accomplished. Build a 18” X18” Column following the directions in (click here for detail). When the column reaches the height desired, with a splitter, cut 4 blocks to 5 1/2” on the 7” (small) face, parallel with the split line (these will be  the “A” stones in the picture below). Cut with a saw  two pieces  4”  wide (see stone “C” below).  Assemble the pieces as shown in the picture below, maintaining a 2” overhang all the way around the Pyzique Column. Complete the column with the final course of 18” x 18” Pyzique Column, in the center, but this time turn the stone over for a finished look (see “finished top” below left)


5 1/2 ”


Full Stone

Total Length 22”

5 1/2”






Finished Top


When building Columns with double sided block such as Pyzique or Maytrx, a trick that can be used when two textured faces meet and create a wide gap (as shown by the arrow) is to use a “wet saw” to “clean up” the rough texture on the adjoining sides. the blocks at that joint will then fit closer together.

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