Maytrx How to

Maytrx Stone Layout

MAYTRX 6    The 4 basic 6” high stones have a “Visual Alignment System” that  uses no pins for Low or Freestanding Walls as well as Columns and Bench Walls. A “pin” system is used only for “engineered walls” that use “Geogrid” as part of the structural engineering.

3” high MAYTRX is called MAYTRX 3.  The 4 basic stones have a “Visual Alignment System” that  uses no pins and can be mixed with 6” Stones.

The Maytrx Cap stone is double sided and can be used as a finish cap or an additional element in the wall. Works for both size Maytrx Walls.

 The Maytrx How To area consists of a basic understanding of the shape and size of the stones it also provides some details on how to complete special projects such as Columns,  Steps, Mailboxes etc. There are also links on this page that will access a “PDF” file that will open on your computer for viewing, explaining the details of the retaining wall you want to build. There is a link to the national website that gives instructions on maximum height for each of the walls you want to construct. If you would like to build a wall larger than the height recommended you must submit your plans to a licensed engineer for review and final design. Your distributor can help you find an engineer that has an understanding of this stone system. The pictures provided in this website were for ideas only,  each application is different and must be built to the specifications of the municipal or governing authority with instructions from a licensed professional engineer when needed.

 Maytrx.pdf  How-To-Document   (click to Download)

Text Box: How Many Maytrx Block do I need?
Open an Excel File to calculate block needed. (click here)
Text Box: 4 basic Maytrx stones shown in open alignment Perfect for retaining walls
Text Box: 34”
Text Box: 4 basic Maytrx stones shown in closed alignment Perfect for free-standing walls


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