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HGTV Show "CURB APPEAL" featuring Maytrx Retaining Wall coming this Spring!..............MAYTRX COLUMN KITS ARE HERE!..........

Maytrx Mailbox. A new product will be shown in the new revision of the Building with MaytRx brochure. This new product is a column mailbox. The column mailbox shown in the brochure is available to MaytRx producers. Click on the Pictures to go to the page.

Column Basics. Need real information on how to make a column? We now have new pages for Olde English Wall, Maytrx and Pyzique, more to come! Click the link below for instructions.


 Maytrx Stone is now available in 3” high as well as the 6” size. The new stones come in the same configurations and can be mixed and matched in the same wall. The Maytrx Layout Page will show you all 11 different size stones available in this system that is stronger and easier than real stone Cambridge Corner Kits are perfect for 6” Maytrx walls and require no cutting for single or double sided walls.


CURB and Edge STONE our latest contribution to the “Cambridge Total Wall System” is made of the same materials and uses the same colors as our wall systems. Now it is possible for all components of your Landscape project to match in color and quality.

Maytrx 3

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The new addition that works with the Maytrx line is now available. It is now possible to build a 6” layer of column or pier with only 4 blocks with no cutting. The New Cambridge Column Block are available in a “Kit” (a small quantity package that has enough product to build a 22”x 22” column 4’ 6” in height)

Each Kit is on one convenient pallet complete with 60 pieces of Cambridge Pyzique Wall Stones (54 units are needed to complete the installation); one 32" diameter, 8" deep metal insert; one grill with double grates; and installation instructions. The metal ring insert has dual opposing cooking grates. Designed to cantilever over the fire for cooking, they can be easily tipped back for fire building or slid back for an unobstructed view and use of the fire. Click on the Picture to go to that site.