Text Box: The MaytRx Wall System is a 4 stone, double-sided system plus cap stone. There are four basic stones, with 5 different face sizes, designated A, B, X, and Y on each stone, they are 6 inches thick and of various sizes and shapes. 
Text Box: The MaytRx System 
offers a broad range of landscaping and retaining wall applications.

Principal projects are:
Landscape retaining walls (maximum height 3 feet  (No pins needed)
2.	Free standing stone fence and barrier walls	(No pins needed)
3.	Engineered Segmental Retaining (SRW) walls, normally 10 foot maximum height			(2 Pins required)
4.	Steps, columns, post and other special projects.	(No pins needed)
Engineered SRW Walls
The MaytRx System can be used to build mid height engineered SRW retaining walls.
	The MaytRx system is designed to use pins for setback control as well as the visual alignment used in the landscape retaining wall of 3 feet in height or less and other landscape applications such as stone fence and barrier walls.
The MaytRx pins are inserted into the pin holes as shown below after the Maytrx stones are set and aligned. If a pin does not drop into the groove of the stone below, move the stone holding the pin forward or backward slightly too properly align the stones and then the pin will drop. After the pin drops, pull the stone forward against the pin to get the appropriate set-back. 
Text Box: The multi-stone MaytRx system allows stone fences and barrier walls to be built with solid faces on both sides. Each MaytRx stone, including the cap stone has two faces. The two faces give a finished stone face on both sides of a MaytRx stone fence or barrier wall. The stones may be set in a random fashion utilizing split stones as desired to build fences and barrier walls that have a different pattern for every project built.
Text Box: 34”
Text Box: 10”
Text Box: 4 basic Maytrx stones shown in closed alignment Perfect for free-standing walls
Text Box: 4 basic Maytrx stones shown in open alignment Text Box: Maytrx  Stones A, B, and Y can be split into two stones along a front to back split groove on each stone. This gives additional stone dimensions that will expand the wide array of construction projects that can be built with MaytRx stones and allows corner stones with these 3 sizes.
Text Box: split groove
Text Box: PINS
Text Box: 3/4”       SETBACK
The MAYTRX cap
 is the fifth stone in the system. The cap stone is 3 inches thick 11”x12”and is used in projects as an internal wall stone as well as a cap stone. 
Text Box: 34”
Text Box: 10”
Text Box: MaytRx visual alignment system.

The uniqueness of the Maytrx stones allows projects such as landscape retaining walls and stone fences to be built using the MaytRx Visual Alignment System. Using the visual alignment avoids the cost of MaytRx pins that are necessary in large SRW retaining walls to secure geogrid during construction of the engineered SRW wall.

The four MaytRx stones A, B, X and Y can be split using the front-to-back split groove to make six more stone sizes and shapes to use in a landscape project. The total of ten stones, 4 as manufactured and 6 more as split, plus the MaytRx cap stone give the Maytrx installer tremendous flexibility to develop a nearly unlimited number of stone projects in any landscape job.

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